Pre-Arrival Forms

Credit Card Authorization Form & Direct Bill Application 
Upon arrival, we require a government-issued ID or drivers license in addition to a physical swipe of either a credit or debit card. 
If you will not have a physical credit or debit card upon arrival -OR- if you would like to pay for a guest's stay, you may fill out the below form and send it to us prior to you or your guest's arrival date. Please note that in order for this form to be valid, you must: 

  • Indicate whether the card will be paying for all charges or just room and tax. If only room and tax are selected, the guest will be required to provide a credit or debit card for incidental charges. 
  • IMPORTANT: Provide a copy of the government-issued ID or drivers license associated with the card on the form in addition to front and back copies of the credit/debit card being used on the form. 
Click HERE to download our Credit Card Authorization Form 
Please note that should the card on this form decline at check-in, the guest will be responsible for providing a credit or debit card for all charges. 

Send completed form to: 
fax to: (712) 366-6129 

If your guest will arrive in time for the hotel to  
receive the form via regular mail, 
you may send the completed form to: 
Countryside Inn & Suites 
ATTN: Reservations 
3208 S 7th St 
Council Bluffs, IA 51501

Need assistance completing the form? We're here to help! 
Call us anytime at (712) 366-9699

If your company will be bringing guests to Countryside Inn & Suites on a routine basis, we'd love to set up a direct bill account for you! This method of payment requires only a government-issued ID or drivers license from your guests upon arrival- no payment required from them unless they will be responsible for their own incidental charges. We would also be happy to have a Credit Card Authorization on file for routine basis.
Click HERE to download Direct Bill Application 
Send completed direct bill application to 
or via fax to (712) 366-6129
If you would prefer to send the completed form via regular mail: 
Countryside Inn & Suites  
ATTN: Accounts Payable
3208 S 7th St  
Council Bluffs, IA 51501 

Please note that your direct bill account will not be active until a 
member of our management team reaches out to you with confirmation.